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Sep 7th, 2023

Newsletter Racks to Streamline Delivery, Reduce Waste

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The Quarterly Tenant Newsletter is a great way to share information about resources available to you, tenant tips, and stories about all the great things communities are up to. That is why we are always working to ensure newsletters get to you faster and more efficiently.

Some upcoming changes 

We have installed racks in common areas such as lounges and laundry rooms in 30 communities. As the courier service delivers the newsletters across OCH communities, they will load racks with enough newsletters for each home in the community.

What are the benefits? 

Doing door-to-door delivery in each community takes approximately three weeks from the first community to the last. Having one drop-off point in some communities should reduce the time it takes to finish delivery across the city.

We also want to reduce waste by ensuring that those who wish to read the newsletter can get a copy. Those who would prefer to read the newsletter online can leave the printed copies on the rack – reducing the number of newsletters that end up in recycling or community waste bins.

Door-to-door delivery will continue in townhome and seniors’ communities.

Which communities have racks?   

  • 125 McLeod St.
  • 17 Willow St.
  • 18 Burnside Ave.
  • 212 Bronson Ave.
  • 215 Nepean St.
  • 345 Lebreton St. South
  • 380 Somerset St.
  • 415 MacLaren St.
  • 450 Laurier Avenue West
  • 453 Cooper St.
  • 731 Chapel Cres.
  • 1030 Du Père Charlebois Ave.
  • 110 Cobourg St.
  • 123 Augusta St.
  • 215 Wurtemburg St.
  • 255 Donald St
  • 312 Cumberland St.
  • 380 Murray St.
  • 500 St. Laurent Boul.
  • 595 Rideau St.
  • 725 Bernard St.
  • 1365 Bank St.
  • 2100 Russell Rd.
  • 108 New Orchard Ave.
  • 507 Riverdale Ave
  • 2651 Regina St.
  • 1390/1400 Lepage Ave.
  • 1455 Heatherington Rd.
  • 1161 Bélanger Ave.

Who do I call if I notice the newsletter rack is damaged?  

You can report that to the 24/7 Call Centre at 613-731-1182.

Other ways to read the newsletter  

Did you know you can sign up to receive the tenant newsletter directly in your inbox? To sign up to receive emails from OCH, you can visit Once there, click on the link under the text “sign up here.” Once you enter your name and email address, you can select the topics you want information about; make sure to select “Tenant Newsletter – The Quarterly”.

We also share the individual stories you can find in the newsletter on social media and our website. If you haven’t yet, consider following OCH on Facebook, X (Twitter) and Instagram.


We are happy to hear your thoughts on the changes to the newsletter delivery. You can reach the Tenant Newsletter staff at

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