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Dec 10th, 2018

2018 OCH Partnership Forum

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Thank you to all participants who attended the 2018 OCH Partnership Forum on November 30.

Key Note Address

Mark Black – Biography

Synergy Table Presentations

Promoting Mental Health In Ottawa

Carole Legault, Project Officer, Mental Health Team, Ottawa Public Health

This synergy table will provide participants with an overview of key findings on Ottawa Public Health’s Status of Mental Health in Ottawa Report. The report is the first of its kind to provide a local review of the mental health of the community. Highlights will include sharing key findings, the significance of the data for the community, identifying any gaps in the report’s data and identifying opportunities to further promote mental health in Ottawa. Participants will be invited to discuss and add their thoughts and ideas to help plan for the future mental health surveillance and to support mental health program planning.

Helping Ourselves

Lorna Lemay, Director, Community Mediation Ottawa and William Mahoney, Volunteer, Community Mediation Ottawa.

Come and learn more about how to reduce social isolation, strengthen social cohesion, and reduce demand on resources such as; police, by-law, and other security agencies. Please join this synergy table to learn about a new and innovative training program aimed at empowering the diverse and marginalized social housing communities in Ottawa. The project aims at working with tenants and staff, reinforced by a conflict resolution community, to transform conflict into dialogue and peace and support a culture shift towards community well-being.


Christine Scott, Community Intake Coordinator Ottawa Police Service

“Safegrowth” was developed by Gregory Saville in 2007. It is a method designed to embed the skills of tactics like CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design), among others, within the community by working directly with neighbourhood associations, groups, and local change agents. The Ottawa Police Service applied for and received, a Proceeds of Crime grant which was used to hire Gregory Saville to come to Ottawa to teach his

method to the residents of Lowertown in 2018 and residents and partners of Carlington in 2019. Come to learn about how this people-based program was implemented in Lowertown and connect with others who have a vested interest in learning more about the history and philosophy behind the SafeGrowth approach.

P.I.V.O.T. – A Collaborative Approach to Prevention and Intervention of Violence in Ottawa

Ottawa Police Service

Ottawa Police Services, Guns and Gang Violence Plan, provides a coordinated approach to the gun violence and gang problems that Ottawa is facing. For this session, we will focus on the Neighbourhood Cohesion and Prevention pillars of the City of Ottawa and Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) Ottawa Street Violence and Gang Strategy.

There is an emerging need to incorporate proactive policing measures to reduce and eliminate this kind of activity from city neighbourhoods. Learn how we are countering this rise in gang activity through community engagement and providing residents with real tools they can use to reclaim their neighbourhoods and prevent residency of these gangs. Educating young people about the realities of gang life can help them get out if they choose to leave.

Together we can better respond to ‘low level’ violence that contributes to fear and perpetuates the cycle of more serious violence, therefore leaving our community residents feeling respected and engaged in making a difference.