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Dec 7th, 2023

CSS On the Beat: Meet Parmeet 

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Parmeet Dhaliwal is a Community Safety Worker who joined the OCH team recently. He said he wanted to have the opportunity to collaborate with the community.   

When working, he conducts regular foot patrols to ensure the safety and security of his assigned area. When he’s out in OCH neighbourhoods, he responds to complaints and works to address concerns and resolve issues.    

“Community engagement is an important aspect of my work,” Parmeet said. “I prioritize building positive relationships with community members to foster trust and cooperation.”  

When he is not out in the community, Parmeet writes reports and keeps records of the calls he goes out on.   

When asked about his favourite parts of the job, Parmeet said community support engagement.   

“I strive to help where it’s needed most. Whether it’s ensuring the safety and smooth operation of facilities for both tenants and employees or simply brightening someone’s day with a smile, I find fulfilment in creating a positive and harmonious environment for everyone involved,” Parmeet said.   

What are some of the challenges faced by Community Safety Workers?  

The nature of the job presents challenges, such as the potential for unpredictable situations. The potential for safety issues requires quick decision-making. Parmeet said there are also stereotypes about the role of Community Safety Services – which may make residents hesitate to call when there is an issue.   

“Despite these challenges, I am drawn to the opportunity to make a positive impact and bridge the gap between perception and the complex, nuanced reality of the situations I encounter,” he said.   

Community Safety Services works together and often with other teams, such as community developers and tenant support workers. Parmeet said effective communication and cooperation with colleagues are key to success. 

When Parmeet is not at work, he enjoys travelling and spending time with his family. He also spends his free time volunteering with Active Youth Ottawa – an organization that supports and empowers youth.   

How to reach our Community Safety Workers 

For any non-emergency safety issue, such as a noise complaint, parking issues, or pets, you can call the Safety & Security Workers 24h/7 at 613-731-1182, option 1. For any life-threatening emergencies, dial 9-1-1.