Overbrook Community Renewal

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Welcome to the Overbrook Renewal Project resources page

Ottawa Community Housing has a proud history within Overbrook dating back to the 1950s, with a little over 900 apartments in over 50+ acres of land. Our presence is within several small communities known as Bon Logis, Pere Charlebois, LowRen, Queen Mary Court and Cairine-Dubeau.

OCH is currently working with tenants and partners on the Overbrook Renewal project. This project will take many years to complete.  Some of our homes in the neighbourhood have reached the end of their service life. That is why we are looking at the possibility of replacing some of these homes with new, modern and innovative housing.

We held a virtual meeting with tenants on November 5, 2020, and began discussions with the Councillor and the local community association.  Over the course of this calendar year (2021) – OCH will continue the discussions with tenants and all stakeholder groups and explore what housing may be replaced, when, and the impact this project will generate for all those involved.

We are committed to OCH tenants’ needs/interests and are sensitive to the broader community’s interests.  Any renewal project, including redevelopment, will be designed and phased with much consideration in supporting tenants that will be directly impacted, including providing the time necessary to explore re-housing options within the OCH portfolio while ensuring that subsidies are maintained, and individual or family needs are met as much as possible.

March 25, 2021

Article published in CONNEXIONS –  Local newspaper by the Overbrook Community Association

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the renewal project:

OCH has a housing renewal strategy in place for replacing older buildings with newer ones;

  • better suited to current tenant needs,
  • to the neighbourhoods,
  • modern, sustainable, and offer a renewed lifespan,
  • expands services and support based on the needs of the community

Although we are in the early stages of planning the Overbrook Renewal project, based on some early consultations with tenants, partners, and local associations, OCH is assessing the following factors in the development of the Renewal plan for Overbrook:

  • MIXED-INCOME (public rental OCH), private rental, private ownership)
  • MIXED-USE (15-minute community)
  • Mixed-density (low-, mid-rise)
  • Mixed-life stages (families, seniors, couples, singles)
  • Proud, safe & secure – community attributes
  • Accessibility – units and public spaces
  • Open Space/Park access (every to be 400 m to park)
  • Partnerships (public & private sector)
  • Innovation & Sustainability
  • Connectivity & Circulation (pedestrian, cyclists, vehicles)
  • Mixed-product offerings (varied residential designs)
  • Collaborative (involve tenants/community in process)

OCH’s commitment to tenants – the principles:

  • Provide options and support to tenants
  • Work with agencies to assist tenants requiring additional supports.
  • Make every effort to minimize disruption to tenants.
  • Communicate information to tenants in a clear and timely manner.
  • Continue to provide rental subsidies for tenants who have them at the time of rehousing.
  • Provide tenants with ample notice should they need to be rehoused.

As of today (February 2021), we cannot provide a specific date for when re-housing is required. However, we can confirm that the process may start in 2022.

The renewal project has started but is in the early stages of planning. OCH does a complete assessment of the community to identify needs before anything is decided.

Concept plans need to be developed with tenant and community input. Once completed, then OCH works with the City through the development process. The planning approval process is estimated to take a year and is required before any construction can start.

Yes. The City will be engaging the neighbourhood in the planning process. OCH will share a survey with the community. Please subscribe to the email alert to ensure you will receive a link to the survey.

There will be many additional opportunities to provide feedback. You can always share ideas with our team by sending an email to info@och.ca with Overbrook Renewal as the subject.

When new developments are designed, OCH takes inventory of what a community has and what it possibly needs to develop a vibrant community for all residents. This is an opportunity to focus on new amenities that will benefit the community and tenants.
You can send us an email with your suggestions at info@och.ca with the subject line: Overbrook Renewal.

Once construction begins, there most likely will be some noise, heavy machinery, potential water and electrical disruptions.

OCH, contractors and/or City will share information in advance for service disruptions. We are also engaging and collaborating with community stakeholders and partners, such as the Overbrook Community Association, Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre and Options Bytown. We will keep partners up-to-date on the important milestones for the renewal project.

You can also visit this webpage for any new updates or sign up for the Overbrook Renewal Updates email alerts.

How does it impact tenants living in Overbrook?

Keeping tenants informed in their communities has and always will be a top priority for OCH. We are still in the very early stages of the Overbrook Redevelopment Plan, and currently, we do not have a firm timeline for any rehousing activities. Rest assured that as details become available, we will be communicating this directly to the Overbrook community well in advance of anyone having to move.

We are in the very initial stages of planning for this multi-year renewal project. There are still many steps in the process before establishing a clear timeline, including the rental process moving forward.

There is no immediate plan to begin rehousing at this time.

If you are currently on a transfer list for any reason and are interested in moving sooner, contact the Tenancy Administration team at (613) 731-1182 Option 4 to be connected with someone who can review your request.

Send inquiries by email at info@och.ca: Subject line: Overbrook Renewal.

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