Overgrowth Removal

Project TimeframeSummer/Fall – 2022
Project DifficultyEasy
Physical Demand LevelLow to Medium
Number of Volunteers Required for a Half-Day Event10

Why this volunteer project?

This is a project that will help to beautify the community. You will leave this project seeing the difference that you made in our community’s outdoor space. This project would include removing the overgrowth surrounding building. Volunteers helping with this beautification project will increase pride of place for those that live in the community.

What′s involved?

  •  Light lifting
  •  Bending
  •  Clearing overgrowth
  • Use of landscaping tools

Project Funding

Cost: $$ This project is not funding dependent, however monetary contributions from the group to donate towards the community projects are always appreciated.

Project Location

The community location is TBD. Parking is limited. Bussing or carpooling is highly encouraged.

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