Painting the Lounge, Laundry Room, and Lobby (10-15 volunteers)

Disponible/available in: Français (French)

Project Timeframe2019 – Fall or winter
Project DifficultyEasy
Physical Demand LevelLow
Number of Volunteers Required for a Half-Day Event10-15

Why this project?

This is a high-impact project will allow you to immediately see the value of the hours you have volunteered. You will help to paint the lounge, laundry room, and lobby in this apartment building and give the space new life for the tenants.

What′s involved?

  • Use of paint brushes and rollers
  • A step-ladder will be required for those who are painting the top of the ceiling
  • Laying paper down in the hallways to ensure the space will be protected from spilled paint
  • All tools, supplies and instructions will be provided on site

Project Funding

Cost: $$$

This project is not funding dependent, however monetary contributions from the group to donate towards the community projects are always appreciated.

Project Location

This community is located on New Orchard Avenue. Street parking is available. Bussing or carpooling is encouraged.

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