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May 5th, 2023

Partner Forum Provides Insight on Resources to Better Serve Tenants

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On April 27 front-line staff from more than 60 organizations came together to better understand what services are available to help serve OCH tenants.

Ottawa Community Housing hosted its 12th annual Partner’s Forum with more than 200 attendees. This year’s theme was “Celebrating front-line staff.”

And there’s never been a more opportune time for this celebration. Every participant in the room, from front-line OCH staff to our valued partners, has been vital in delivering important services throughout the pandemic and beyond.

There were four workshop tables that discussed the importance of self-care for vulnerable residents, mental health and addiction recovery, peer-to-peer resources, and violence against women. Important conversations during the networking portion of the day also led to practical information-sharing that will be used across the city for months to come. For more info, check out our Partners Page: