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May 30th, 2024

Partner Spotlight: “Catch” Community Connection Art Program

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A group of residents from Winthrop Court are working together to expand a free art program, supported by a grant from the Ottawa Community Foundation and led by professional artist Christine Mockett.  

Over a year, Christine led 57 classes at Winthrop Court, engaging participants of all ages and abilities. Satellite classes are also happening at Foster Farm, Michele Heights, Pinecrest Terrace, Morrison Gardens and the May Court Day Hospice, sharing ideas between communities. 

What’s even more exciting is that tenants got a chance to showcase their art at two Ottawa Value Village locations. With locations across the country, this small step could grow into local shows across Canada.  

Artwork created by Winthrop Court residents was shown at the Value Village on Cyrville Road from April 16 to 26. On Earth Day (April 22), in-store demonstrations were held.  

The “Catch” art program celebrates the exploration of art through uncommon materials – the kind of materials that you wouldn’t necessarily see in a gallery. The work included showcasing ways to have a creative life.  

Participants are encouraged to transform discarded items into meaningful artworks, promoting a zero-waste approach.  For instance, worn-out rubber boots become tambourines when filled with concrete and topped with bottle cap. At the same time, leftover cork flooring is transformed into “happiness clocks,” where miniature happiness activities replace numbers. And salvaged red velvet and wire coat hangers become beautiful bouquets of red roses for the Cornerstone Women’s Shelter for Valentine’s Day. 

The “Catch” art program spreads the idea of tossing ‘idea balls’ of free creative programming back and forth between communities.  

The art program provides opportunities to donate creations, interact with others like pen pals on handmade paper, exchange creations with other groups to share ideas, showcase their work in community exhibitions and spreading the transformative power of art. Winthrop Court residents are combining social and creative agency, empowering others with ways to have a creative life. 

This project is funded by a grant from the Ottawa Community Foundation, and materials come from Value Village and Eco Equitable donations.  

Written by artist Christine Mockett