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Aug 1st, 2023

Pest Treatment is a Shared Responsibility: Tips to Prevent a Rodent Infestation

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Did you know? OCH’s Integrated Pest Management team has taken the treatment for rodents in-house.

That means the team proactively treats communities to help keep tenants’ homes safe and pest free.

Staff have placed bait stations in select communities as part of this work. A bait station is a small plastic box with an entrance that allows rats and mice to enter. If rodent activity is detected, a rodenticide is placed inside the box to assist in controlling the rodent population within your community.

If you see a bait station in your community, please do not move or touch it – and tell your children to avoid it. The bait stations can only be opened by licensed pest management staff.

What else can you do to help prevent pests in your community?

  • Keep garbage in sealed containers and areas clean.
  • Remove stored items and debris from your yard so rodents can’t hide in them.
  • Mow the lawn often. Keep the grass short.
  • Do not feed squirrels and pigeons. They attract rodents like rats.
  • Keep all doors closed.
  • Make sure you have screens on your windows to keep mice out.
  • Ask for OCH assistance to seal holes around the outer pipes and dryer vents

If you see rodents, animal burrows or holes in the ground, call 613-731-1182 and select Option 3 to reach the Integrated Pest Management team.

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