Stéphane Giguère

Stéphane Giguère

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As CEO of a $2.7 billion housing portfolio at Ottawa Community Housing (OCHC), the largest social housing provider in Canada’s National Capital, Stéphane Giguère, MPA C. Adm./Adm. A., and CIH Chartered Member, leads an award-winning organization that directly impacts the lives of over 32,000 residents in 15,000 OCH homes. Stéphane provides strategic direction and leadership to 340 employees, over 400 contractors and 1,000 volunteers whose specialized skills provide affordable housing to seniors, families, single persons and those living with special needs.

Stéphane promotes OCHC as being more than a “bricks and mortar” landlord. He leads a high-profile Corporation with expertise in asset management, community development, government and stakeholder relations, finances and business development. Stéphane makes it a priority to incorporate the diversity of tenants’ needs into the services that the organization delivers. Working with his team to build on the organization’s solid foundation, Stéphane is positioning the Corporation for sustainable growth by identifying new sources of funding along with business development opportunities in both the private and not-for-profit sectors.

As an acclaimed business and corporate development leader and in combination with his Finance and Public Administration background, Stéphane brings to OCHC an impressive range of professional successes and experiences that benefit the organization, its tenants and stakeholders.

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