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Feb 11th, 2022

Property Managers’ Corner: Investments in MacDonald Manor

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Ottawa Community Housing’s Tenant Experience team has been working on a $390,000 makeover of MacDonald Manor (at 110 Cobourg and 123 Augusta streets).  

The work began in July and is expected to be complete in March 2022. 

The work included: 

  • fresh paint on hallway walls, 

  • new vinyl tile flooring throughout the building common areas, 

  • ceramic tiles in three lobbies, 

  • ceramic wall cladding near elevators,  

  • re-arranging the lobbies to improve security, 

  • upgraded lighting in the lobbies,  

  • three stairwells painted, 

  • mailboxes replaced 

Did you know? 

Property Managers keep a list of common-area repairs that are needed, then assign and complete work as funding allows. Has a community improvement project made a big impact on you? Let us know about it at