Satellite Dishes, Antennas or Receivers

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OCH must approve minor modifications for the installation of a satellite dish or antenna. You are responsible for any damage to people or property caused by the modification, its installation or removal. These are the conditions that must be met and maintained if OCH approves the installation of a satellite dish, antenna or receiver.

Installing a Satellite Dish, Antenna or Receiver

You must have written permission from OCH.

To get written permission from OCH, you must:

  • Have and maintain third party liability insurance
  • Agree to return OCH property to its original condition if OCH asks you to and when you move out
  • Agree to pay all costs for changes, installations and repairs; and for damages to any person or property resulting from the modification

All satellite dishes must:

  • Be installed in a designated area if one exists
  • Be 36” in diameter or less
  • Be professionally installed, by the satellite dish manufacturer’s authorized contractor
  • Be installed in a way that minimizes the damage to OCH’s building
  • Be installed firmly and securely with all the specified fasteners and hardware
  • Be as unnoticeable as possible
  • Be installed in a way that wiring:
    o does not go through window or door frames
    o does not pose a tripping hazard
    o is as short as possible
    o runs horizontally and / or vertically at a 90°angle
    o is secured, connected and concealed as much as possible
  • Installed drilling as few holes as possible into the building
  • Installed using holes that are
    o as small in diameter as possible
    o sealed by high quality exterior non-water based caulking

All satellite dishes must NOT be attached or installed on:

  • Any part of the roof or exterior walls
  • Windows, window frames, doors, door frames, eave troughs or canopies.
  • Balcony railings
  • Overhang another tenant’s home.

Apartments without a balcony:

  • May only be installed in designated areas

Apartment with a balcony:

  • Be placed on the apartment balcony where one exists

Row, single and town houses:

  • Must be installed in rear yards where possible

All satellite dishes, hardware, and wiring must be removed and unit returned to the original condition at your expense.

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