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Jun 17th, 2015

Structural Restoration

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2016 structural repairs include stairwells, support columns, carports, balconies, and garages etc, in the following communities:

  • Bellevue Manor Parking Garage (Phase 1)
  • Brian Bournes Place Balcony Guards
  • Cairine Court and Christie Place Support Posts
  • Overbrook Canopies
  • 800 St. Laurent Balconies
  • Walkley Manor Balcony Guards

Communication between OCH and the tenants is key to helping minimize the disruption to their lives and facilitating successful completion of the capital works projects.

Estimated cost ~$1.3M.

In Progress

**The above list identifies some of the communities selected as priorities in the 2016 Capital Works program. Please note that these are  subject to re-evaluation and re-prioritization as new information arise throughout the year. Comeback often for updates.