Taking Care of Your Pets

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Artboard 571City By-laws are created and enforced by the City of Ottawa.

To read the complete By-law on pets (BY-LAW NO. 2003 – 77) visit www.ottawa.ca or call the City.

By following the law pet owners are helping to make OCH communities safe and welcoming.

Pet Owners’ Checklistcheck

  • I stoop and scoop when walking my dog.
  • My pat is on a leash less than 3m (9 ft) long.
  • My pet is not being too loud.
  • My pet doesn’t pose a threat to the safety of fellow tenants.

Pet Owner’s Responsibilities

You have the right to own and enjoy pets that meet City of Ottawa By-laws. All tenants also have the right to a clean and safe community.



Pet owners must pick up all pet droppings from Ottawa Community Housing property. Failing to stoop and scoop is against the law.

Use a shovel or a bag to pick up the waste and dispose of it immediately.


You can get rid of animal waste by wrapping it in absorbent paper, sealing it in a garbage bag and putting it in the regular garbage.


Pets also have to follow the City Noise By-laws. You need to make sure your pets don’t disturb the peace and quiet of your neighbors.


  • Dogs need to be kept on a leash on Ottawa Community Housing property.
  • The By-law states the leash shouldn’t be longer than 3 m (9 ft).
  • Pets should be kept indoors or supervised when outside at all times.
  • Cats or dogs should not be roaming OCH hallways or communities.

Can I Be Evicted Because Of My Pets?

You can’t be evicted simply because you own a pet. You could, however, be held responsible for damage or injuries caused by your pet.

But, pet owners can be evicted on the following grounds. If the pet:

  • Significantly disturbs other tenants
  • Threatens the safety of OCH employees or the tenants
  • Causes significant damages to the home
  • Causes a serious allergic reaction in another tenant
  • Is prohibited by law

Who Do I Call?

phone1If there are By-law infractions by a pet owner on OCH property call 3-1-1 and a City of Ottawa By-law officer can be sent to assess the situation.

You can also contact OCH at 613-731-1182 and choose option #4 for assistance or to initiate a complaint or the report an infraction. OCH will investigate all serious tenant complaints about other tenants.

Did You Know?

petRegistering Your Pet

All cats and dogs need to be registered with the city. They also have to wear a tag provided by the City upon registration at all times. having registered tags is an easy way to track pets when they are lost.

City of Ottawa Spay Neuter Clinic

The City of Ottawa operates a Spay Neuter Clinic providing not-for-profit sterilization services for cats and dogs. For more information about the Clinic call 613-798-8970 or call the City of Ottawa at 3-1-1 or check out their website at www.ottawa.ca.

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