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May 29th, 2017

Van Lang Fieldhouse

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Initiated by a group of OCH tenants, the construction of the Fieldhouse was made possible through extensive collaboration with area community associations, the Ward Councillor, local health and recreation centres and the City of Ottawa.

Complete with a community kitchen, the 2,700 square feet Fieldhouse has ample space for programming activity for OCH tenants as well as residents from the surrounding area.

Funded by the City through the Ward Councillor Jeff Leiper’s office with cash-in-lieu of parkland funds, about 200 people a week take advantage of the programs and services administered by the Dovercourt Recreation Centre and offered at the Fieldhouse.

Some of the programs and services launched in 2016 include:

  • Mothercraft drop-in playtimes
  • Van Lang playgroup
  • Carlington intake counselling
  • Community kitchen
  • Karate classes
  • Westboro brainery classes
  • Parkour (physical activity classes)
  • Changers Ottawa (services and programs for at-risk youth)
  • Coffee time


About $1.2 Million

Completion Date

May 2016

Community Profile

Located close to the intersection of Churchill Avenue and Scott Street, the Van Lang (Scotthill) community is within walking distance to the Westboro shopping and restaurant district.  Approximately 280 OCH tenants live in the community. Children and youth make up 38% of the population.  There are 90 OCH apartments in a 9-storey building and 25 OCH townhouses that surround the Fieldhouse.  Located directly across from the OCH apartment building, there are 70 social housing apartments which are owned and operated by the National Capital Region Vietnamese Canadian Non Profit Housing Corporation. The Fieldhouse and its programming is available to OCH tenants and the broader community surrounding Van Lang.