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Dec 8th, 2023

Complex Care Housing: Working on Partnerships to Support Residents

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OCH’s Community and Tenant Support team is working to find solutions to the growing challenges that exist in some of our neighbourhoods. Some of these challenges stem from the fact that vulnerable residents do not have access to support or primary healthcare services.  

Thanks to the work that has been done, we now have a Complex Care Housing Framework. It guides us in determining what we can do and what partnerships we need to support all tenants better, including those leaving chronic homelessness and living with complex mental health issues, substance use, and various other health challenges.  

We are working with health and social services partners, as well as the City of Ottawa, to provide solutions tailored to the communities we serve and ensure the well-being of all tenants. 
Programs such as Aging in Place – which provides support for OCH seniors and the Neighborhood Integrated Care Model, which provides coordination of healthcare services in three communities with high numbers of vulnerable residents – are examples of what can come from bringing partners to the table to help solve a problem. These two projects have created remarkable and sustainable results. 
Experience has taught us that no single organization, such as healthcare or social housing providers, can solve these challenges on their own. With a solid foundation of past work and strong collaborative relationships, OCH will continue to seek tenant feedback as we develop recommendations and seek support from our partners. Please stay tuned for community consultations that will be coming in 2024