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Apr 15th, 2024

Every Moment Matters, OCH Honours Volunteers with Mosaic  

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“It’s in me to help the community.”

That’s what one tenant volunteer shared about why he volunteers in his neighbourhood. National Volunteer Week is April 14-20, and we will be kicking off the week by unveiling a mural at OCH head office on April 15.   

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth 1,000 words,” and this mural captures several moments in time through a mosaic of photos honouring the work of volunteers and the theme of National Volunteer Week – “every moment matters.”  

Tenant volunteers joined the unveiling to celebrate the new addition to the office.   

By the numbers  

In 2023, alone tenant volunteers:  

  • Organized 2,437 large and small, reoccurring community events.  
  • Supported 3,511 food security initiatives and health & wellness activities.  
  • Participate in 75 active community associations.  
  • 95 tenants were engaged to support projects with corporate groups.   

The Volunteer Engagement Program welcomes volunteer groups who want to make a difference. The program was established in 2011 and has welcomed over 9,000 volunteers over the last 13 years. Tenants request projects to make communities more welcoming for tenants and their guests.   

Here’s what one tenant had to say about the impact of volunteers in her community.   

“A huge thank you to all the volunteers – both corporate and tenants. We all need to work together to make our homes clean, safe, welcoming and happy places to live and enjoy. Home is so much more than where you lay your head at night.”  

Beautification projects completed include building projects such as new benches or gardens and painting halls and common areas. Painting projects had a financial impact of $114,300, which OCH could reinvest in other priorities. Volunteer projects have economic and social implications beyond the work itself.  

“We are so grateful to have engaged hundreds of tenant volunteers and the support of thousands of corporate volunteers. The work they do spurs real change, makes neighbourhoods more welcoming and inclusive and encourages others to give them their time. Each project has a ripple effect,” said Stéphane Giguère, Chief Executive Officer of OCH.