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Board of Directors

There are four Board Committees:

  • Finance and Audit
  • Client Services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Corporate Performance

The Committees meet in advance of the Board Meeting.

For more information contact info@och.ca


Senior Leadership


OCH’s leadership team is well represented on many Boards of organizations that represent social housing and community interests at the municipal, provincial and federal level.  These organizations include:

On October 3-6, 2016, OCH hosted the International Housing Partnership Forum, where representatives from across the world exchanged ideas and practices on social housing.(read more)

In 2016, an OCH employee was awarded the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association Lifetime of Service Recognition Award.

Tenant Ambassador Program

Launched in 2016, the Tenant Ambassador Program celebrates and promotes extraordinary tenants, past and present, who are inspirational in what they have achieved and in how they nurture safe, inclusive and healthy communities.

Tenant Ambassadors are a group of former and current OCH tenants who are committed to inspiring others by telling their inspirational stories and promoting community and social engagement. The Ambassadors also highlight the work that OCH and partners do in Ottawa and how they nurture healthy, safe and inclusive communities in the housing sector.

A Tenant Ambassador event was held in December, 2016.  Former NFL player, Christo Bilukidi, who grew up in the Russell Heights community, held a football camp.  He taught the fundamentals of football to a group of Russell Heights’ youth and talked about his journey to the NFL as a way to inspire youth and give back to the community where he was raised. Stephan Keyes, another Ambassador who grew up in OCH housing, and currently a CTV host, also spoke at the event about his journey to success in the media world.

Left to Right: Russell Heights children and youth; Redblacks players, Damaso Munoz and Kevin Jackson; Ward Councillor, Jean Cloutier; MPP John Fraser: Mayor Jim Watson; OCH Tenant Ambassador and NFL Player Christo Bilukidi; OCH Tenant Ambassador and CTV host Stefan Keyes at the football camp held at Russell Heights on December 20, 2016.

Russell Heights children and youth enjoying the basketball camp.

To find out more visit our Tenant Ambassador webpage

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