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Nov 14th, 2022

Green Corner: Community Waste is a Team Effort

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Keeping communities clean is a shared responsibility between OCH and tenants.

It’s important to remember which items go in which bin and to break down bigger pieces of garbage and cardboard, so they fit in the front-loading bins.  We have included some pictures from staff to illustrate how to place your garbage.

What goes in what bin? 

  • Compost such as leftover food, grease, eggshells and coffee grounds are to be put in your green bin.
  • Glass, metal and plastic go in the blue bin.
  • Paper and cardboard go in the black bin.

What happens to the things you recycle? 

  • They create jobs – recycling boosts the economy and creates manufacturing jobs.
  • Some examples of products made from recycled materials: car parts, T-shirts, home insulation, patio furniture and playground equipment.

Common recycling mistakes 

  • You forgot to rinse your glass, metal or plastic container. It is important you rinse out any leftover food, otherwise, your recycling could contaminate other items.

Check out the City of Ottawa’s online “Waste Explorer” to learn where to take a reusable item or where to recycle your electronic or hazardous waste.