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Sep 13th, 2022

News Release: Electric Vehicle Carsharing at 811 Gladstone Sparks Change in the Community

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Sept. 13, 2022, OTTAWA, ON – Starting this month, residents at five Ottawa Community Housing Corporation communities will have access to an affordable alternative to personal vehicle ownership. A fully electric Kia Niro will be parked in a dedicated parking space at  811 Gladstone Ave. and made available through the Communauto carsharing program to residents at 811 Gladstone Ave, 865 Gladstone Ave, 280 Rochester St., 22 Balsam St, and 28 Balsam St. It is the first fully electric vehicle car sharing program to be offered in an affordable and community housing complex in Ontario.   

811 Gladstone (Mosaïq) is home to OCHC’s newest affordable housing development. Mosaïq fills a gap in the Ottawa rental market and sets the standard for quality, sustainable living at an affordable price.  

This car-sharing initiative is made possible by the joint funding and support of the Ottawa Community Housing Corporation, the Ottawa Community Foundation, Hydro Ottawa, the Ottawa Climate Action Fund and Communauto. 

Electric Vehicle car sharing offers many benefits to communities by providing a more affordable alternative to car ownership that is also better for the environment. Access to personal vehicles is often limited in low to moderate-income communities, and not every trip can be taken by foot, bike, or transit.  The lack of access to a car can make it challenging to move in and around the city.  

Residents in these communities will receive a promotional code to help them become a Communauto member and access the electric Kia Niro and over 200 vehicles throughout Ottawa. Whether sharing a trip to the grocery store with a neighbour or getting a partner to an appointment, we believe this new amenity will greatly benefit the residents.   

The Future of Transportation in a Changing Climate 

It is currently estimated that there are 1.4 billion cars in use across the globe. In Ottawa, fossil fuel vehicles produce 42 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions. In Ontario, switching to electric-powered mobility makes sense because our system is not powered by fossil fuels, which means it is 94 percent emissions-free. In our race to reduce emissions and ensure we reach Ottawa’s ambitious but necessary climate targets, electric vehicles and carsharing are key.   

Quick Facts 

  • A 2019 University of Toronto study found about one million urban Canadians live in low-income households and are also transport-poor, meaning they live in areas lacking transit options. 
  • The apartments at Mosaïq are built to the rigorous international Passive House standard of building performance. With the townhomes built to exceed Canada’s National Building Code, Mosaïq sets a new standard for green living for rental homes. 

 “This partnership is a great example of how OCHC leverages innovation to reduce our carbon footprint and to support tenants’ commuting. Thank you to the Ottawa Climate Action Fund, Hydro Ottawa, EnviroCentre, Communauto and Ottawa Community Foundation for providing funding and support.” Stéphane Giguère, Chief Executive Officer, OCHC 

“OCH strives to offer vehicle alternative options for tenants.  We continue to maximize new developments near LRT stations and supporting 15 min neighbourhood approaches.  Recognizing that tenants who do not have access to a car, at times, can benefit from the car-sharing opportunities, we are glad to strengthen our partnership with EnviroCentre and Communauto to reduce vehicle transportation GHG footprint by having a fully electric car-sharing option on OCHC property for tenants and their visitors to enjoy.” Mathieu Fleury, OCHC Board Chair 

“This innovative public-private-philanthropic collaboration advances equitable access to electric vehicles and makes carsharing an even more convenient option for OCH residents. As it grows, the project is poised to provide more space for housing people and less for parking cars. Marco Pagani, President & CEO, Ottawa Community Foundation 

“This essential project brings Carbon Down via the shift to electric vehicles and by advancing carsharing to reduce car ownership and total kilometres driven. It brings Community Up by providing EV access to OCHC residents and reducing the costs for vehicle ownership, operation and parking.” Steve Winkelman, Executive Director, Ottawa Climate Action Fund (an initiative of the Ottawa Community Fund) 

“Communauto welcomes the opportunity to partner with OCH to add an electric vehicle at an EV Station at Mosaiq. When fully charged, this vehicle has a range of 400 KMs that will allow residents of this beautiful platinum-level green building to drive in and around the city with confidence.” Wilson Wood, Project Lead, Communauto 

“Improving accessibility to affordable energy solutions continues to be a key priority for Hydro Ottawa. By increasing equitable access to electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure, we are able to reduce barriers as we work to help Ottawa meet its collective sustainability goals.” Julie Lupinacci, Chief Customer Officer, Hydro Ottawa


About Ottawa Community Housing Corporation/ARRIV Properties 
Ottawa Community Housing Corporation (OCHC) provides approximately 15,000 homes to about 32,000 tenants, including seniors, parents, children, couples, singles and persons with special needs, within many communities across the City of Ottawa. OCHC houses a diverse population of varying languages, ethnicities and cultures. OCHC is the largest social, community and affordable housing provider in Ottawa and an industry-leading builder of affordable housing. 

Mosaïq, by ARRIV Properties, is a flagship property that fills a gap in the Ottawa rental market. It offers homes at average or below-average market prices, setting the standard for modern living and lifestyle at an affordable price. ARRIV Properties is an important product line in OCHC’s spectrum of affordable housing offerings in Ottawa. 

About EnviroCentre
EnviroCentre offers various services to organizations, institutions, and businesses in Ottawa. Our expertise in designing, developing, and delivering programs is filtered through a sustainability lens, making us an ideal partner for local environmental projects. 

About Ottawa Community Foundation
The Ottawa Community Foundation is a charity for charities. It leverages philanthropic resources to strengthen and empower the charitable sector in the National Capital Region and beyond. We create positive, systemic, and sustainable impact with engaged philanthropy, strategic granting, social infrastructure building, and community leadership. As an efficient, inclusive, and diverse giving platform, we support all charitable causes by helping philanthropic-minded citizens craft their legacies and make the community a better place for all. 

About Ottawa Climate Action Fund
The Ottawa Climate Action Fund (OCAF) exists to catalyze and scale low-carbon solutions to their full potential in Ottawa. We align this work with community benefit, bringing low-carbon initiatives, investments and people together to deliver tangible, lasting success. 

About Communauto
Communauto Ontario, comprising two of Ontario’s pioneering carsharing organizations, is part of the larger Communauto network, headquartered in Montreal. Communauto, founded in 1994, is the largest carsharing operator in Canada, and the oldest in North America. The resulting synergies benefit not only Ontarians, but all Communauto members across Canada: from Alberta to Nova Scotia, and also those in Paris, France. Communauto team members from local communities and across the country work together to deliver Communauto’s carsharing service.  

Media Relations:
Vita Sgardello
Communications Manager

Jennifer McIntosh

Communications and Marketing Specialist,
Ottawa Community Housing