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Apr 27th, 2023

News Release: Ottawa Community Housing Corporation Unveils $100,000 Investment at Heather Manor Community

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(OTTAWA, ON) April 13, 2023 – Ottawa Community Housing Corporation (OCHC) is proud to announce the completion of a community improvement project at 1455 Heatherington Rd.   

The project – under the “Welcome Home” program, represents more than a $100,000-investment in the community.  The work began in late 2022 and was completed in March 2023. As part of the work, OCHC improved the main lobby and ground floor of the building.  

The renovations include adding new vinyl floors, ceramic wall tiles, and LED light fixtures: painting ground floor walls, ceilings, doors, door frames, and the entrance brick wall. The mailboxes were also replaced with vertical units to improve access for tenants.   

Launched in 2017, Welcome Home projects increase the sense of pride in the community – and ultimately create more welcoming and inclusive spaces for tenants and their guests. Tenants are consulted during the renovation process and provide input on upcoming community improvements – which gives residents a chance to have a say in the look and feel of their community. There are 16 projects planned for 2023.   

“I see firsthand the impact that community beautification projects have on tenants. This community renewal initiative has positive impacts beyond just the preservation of OCHC’s existing housing. It’s encouraging to see this investment.” Councillor Theresa Kavanagh, Chair of the OCHC Board of Directors  

“The Pride of Place program was launched to recognize the importance the built environment plays in the sense of connection to your community and a sense of pride. The ownership tenants feel having a say in how their community looks is key to the program’s success. Pride of Place projects allow us to build better, more inclusive spaces.” Stéphane Giguère, Chief Executive Officer of OCHC

Quick Facts:  

  • OCHC completed 5 Pride of Place projects in 2023 – 1455 Heatherington, 340 Gloucester, 540 Thomson, 31 Van Lang Private and 453 Cooper.  
  • In addition to OCHC–led beautification projects, OCHC has a robust Volunteer Engagement Program – aimed at completing beautification projects. In 2022, 44 projects were completed, impacting thousands of tenants 
  • 1455 Heatherington is home to more than 250 residents 
  • 11 Welcome Home projects were completed in 2022 

About Ottawa Community Housing Corporation:  

OCHC provides approximately 15,000 homes to about 32,000 tenants, including seniors, parents, children, couples, singles and persons with disabilities, within many communities across the City of Ottawa. OCHC houses a diverse population of varying languages, ethnicities and cultures. OCHC is the largest community housing provider in Ottawa, managing two-thirds of the City’s social housing portfolio, and is the second largest in Ontario.   

Media Contact: 
Jennifer McIntosh
Communications and Marketing Specialist