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Oct 27th, 2023


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OTTAWA — October 27, 2023 — Ottawa Community Housing is excited to announce a new partnership with ARRVL AI, an AI software development company dedicated to Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Social Good. This collaboration is set to bring innovation by exploring the use of AI technology, which can have a positive impact on the sector and all community housing providers.  

“In alignment with OCH’s recently launched 2024-2027 Strategic Plan, we are excited to commence this journey by delving into the realm of Artificial Intelligence and adopting a culture of continuous innovation. Our primary focus is on optimizing our internal systems to expand and promote significant growth within an ever-evolving landscape efficiently,” said Alain Cadieux, Vice President of Tenant Services at Ottawa Community Housing. “In partnership with ARRVL AI, we’re investing in our communities and in the entire housing sector by exploring how this emerging technology. Our aim is to explore how AI can reveal operational efficiencies, allowing our teams to concentrate on enhancing support for our communities and the 32,000 residents who call it home. We are all committed to finding novel ways to serve our tenants, communities better, and the sector as a whole.” 


“As a former tenant of subsidized housing when I was a child, I know how important it is for families to have access to safe and affordable housing. We started ARRVL AI to do our part and help address the challenges of the housing crisis,” said Greg Fields, Co-CEO of ARRVL AI. “We look forward to working alongside Ottawa Community Housing, introducing new ways to enhance the tenant experience and provide user-friendly solutions that people genuinely want to use.” 

Beyond the benefits to OCH, this partnership also aims to help other social and community housing teams embark on their own journeys with emerging technologies by sharing best practices and lessons learned throughout the upcoming year. 


For Media Inquiries, please contact:  
Chantal Genova 
Manager, Corporate Communications 
Ottawa Community Housing Corporation


About Ottawa Community Housing:  Ottawa Community Housing provides approximately 15,000 homes to about 32,000 tenants, including seniors, parents, children, couples, singles, and persons with special needs, within many communities across the City of Ottawa. OCH houses a diverse population of varying languages, ethnicities, and cultures. OCH is the largest social, community, and affordable housing provider in Ottawa and an industry-leading builder of affordable housing. To learn more about Ottawa Community Housing, visit

About ARRVL AI: ARRVL AI is a Social Enterprise on a mission to harness Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Social Good. We’re not just developing applied AI solutions; we’re actively joining the cause as an ally to tackle the challenges that affect the availability of safe and affordable housing for all. To discover more about ARRVL AI, please visit