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Nov 25th, 2022

Property Manger’s Corner: Tenant Tips for the Winter

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Brrr! Temperatures have cooled down, and winter is upon us. With the help of the maintenance and tenant experience staff, and the Integrated Pest Management Team, we’ve compiled some tips to keep you warm and safe this cold season.

Pest Management 

Rodents, wildlife and pests look for warm places to spend the winter and often enter through openings on the exterior of buildings. If you notice a broken vent or hole in an exterior wall or the roof, contact the 24/7 call centre at 613-731-1182 or visit My Home, the online tenant portal available on our website, to help the pest management team assist you with your issue.

Successful pest management is a result of collaboration between tenants and OCH.  Reporting pest issues immediately allows the team to address them in a timely manner. There are brochures available at all OCH office locations if you want to learn more! You can also find the information on our website, under the Pest Management page.

Stay Warm and Safe! 

OCH buildings are heated throughout the Winter. Please remember to keep your windows and outside doors closed. This helps to ensure your home stays warm and prevents pipes from freezing – which avoids flooding.

After a snowfall, remember to clear your balcony to ensure you always have access to an alternative exit in an emergency.

Protect Yourself and Your Family! Tenant insurance is mandatory

Protect yourself and your family from unexpected events year-round. Make sure to renew your yearly insurance coverage to OCH. Insurance will cover the replacement and/or repair of belongings and property up to a certain amount, depending on your plan.

Did you know? You might be able to include your insurance fees as part of your shelter allowance under Ontario Works (OW) benefits or the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). Speak to your caseworker for more details.

If you no longer have insurance, please call us.