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Aug 29th, 2016

Anik Boucher, Human Resources Assistant

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Having been in a student position within the HR team at OCH for approximately a year and a half now, I feel as though I have gained practical experience in the industry I aspire to work in. This September, I’m starting the 4th year of a four year Bachelor of Commerce program (with a specialization in Human Resource Management) at the University of Ottawa. Having been able to apply the theory gained during my studies in a real-life working context really made me appreciate the relevance of my degree and made working here that much more valuable.

I would without a doubt recommend any student or friend to do a placement with OCH. There are a number of different student openings every summer that encompass various fields of study. These positions contribute to the operations within the respective departments allowing you to feel like you truly are contributing towards a common goal. I believe that the experiences I’ve shared with my colleagues at OCH have prepared me well to further develop my career.

The culture is one of the reasons why working at OCH has been an amazing and rewarding learning experience. The organization is very warm and welcoming, and having worked with people who truly care about what they do and about each other has added value to my placement.

It is obvious to me that OCH cares about its communities and its tenants, it can be seen by the way they deliver their day to day services, but also through their involvement in the communities. I’ve had the chance to articipate in Employee Volunteer Program events and those have always been a really fun, rewarding way to get involved, meet new people and contribute to the communities.