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May 29th, 2023

Tenant Spotlight: Meet Kathy

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Kathy, a tenant at 415 MacLaren, has called OCH home for nearly 40 years.   

In 1984 she moved into a building owned by a private owner at 475 Laurier and had homes managed by what was then called Ottawa Housing. In 2002, when her apartment was sold, she moved to 415 MacLaren St.   

“I really liked it here because I got to see staff onsite and all the great work they do,” Kathy said.   

Kathy’s daughter and her six-year-old granddaughter live in the United Kingdom.   

She also likes the onsite support services from Salus Ottawa – so much that she volunteered to write a newsletter for them.   

Kathy commonly sends poems that are published in the Quarterly. She recently published a book of poetry.   

Kathy, 69, said she likes the mix of ages and perspectives at MacLaren Towers. She said the bond she has formed with neighbours and friends is like a family. One story she recounted was when she was short on cash and needed some toilet paper – her neighbours helped, collecting a dozen rolls.   

“I almost wept I was so happy,” she said, adding that the story is simple, but it reflects the spirit of the community. “Everyone is willing to chip in when one is in need.”  

Kathy is a proud OCH tenant and often writes about the benefits of living in community housing.   

“I appreciate not only having an affordable apartment, but one that is a real home for me and so many other people who live in OCH communities like this one,” she said. 

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