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Oct 21st, 2022

Volunteer Project: Deloitte Rolls into Lepage Manor Community to Make an Impact

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The team of 20 staff from Deloitte Canada made a splash on Oct. 21 by painting the hallways and common areas of Lepage Manor. The volunteers completed the work as part of the company’s Global Day of Service – called Impact Day. 

Since first working with OCH on a painting project at 300 Lacasse Ave. in 2014, Deloitte teams have completed 7 projects over the course of five years.  

The Volunteer Engagement Program has restarted with a boom, welcoming more than 600 volunteers since the start of the year, and completing 42 projects. Combined, the volunteers have donated 4,253 hours to help build better communities and improve the lives of tenants.  

“Working with partners allows OCH to help meet the diverse needs of the 32,000 tenants living in more than 150 communities across the city,” said Stéphane Giguère, Chief Executive Officer of OCH.

“2022 has been a great year for the Volunteer Engagement Program, we have been honoured by the renewed interest we have seen from the more than 600 Corporate volunteers we have welcomed back following the pandemic.”